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Costarican Architects is more than an architectural company. We’re a full service company that provides services from initial conceptual design and preliminary studies all the way through construction and finishes of an object.


Costarican Architects director and architect, Enrique Chryssopoulos, has developed his architecture through years of design projects that went from small renovations to additions and complete home and boutique hotel designs.

His experiences as an architect and as a general contractor at the same time have further enabled him to reach a more detailed knowledge of the construction process which allows the aesthetics of a design to be fully accomplished.

He is inspired to keep projects environmentally correct and sustainable according to the full expectations of the efforts to preserve Costa Rica’s nature and wildlife. Therefore his general architectural aim in all projects is tropical and sustainable design that is harmonized with natural environment and climate, with “a touch” of Asian/Bali influence.

What is Tropical architecture?

It is the one that establishes a harmonious relationship between nature and man.

Costa Rica is, indeed, a tropical country with a wide variety of micro climates and elements to take into account. The main feature of the tropical experience is the close contact with the outside that leads to the feeling of openness and naturalness.

We, Costarican Architects, consider the country`s specific climate and topographic variations as well as the surrounding environments in order to create appropriate structures seeking a harmonious integration that diminishes the impact of human alteration on the ecosystems.

Constant pursuit of wind and shadows as well as considering sunlight and rainfall, topography and use of vegetation is essential for its vibrant aesthetic effect, privacy and acoustic insulation if desired, etc. to create an “ideal ambiance” developed in Costarican Tropical architecture.

Costa Rica Sustainable construction considerations

Natural cross ventilation, proper orientation on the site, quick and efficient rainwater evacuation, breeze-cooled interiors and to generate large shadows, represent some of the main factors that characterize the Tropical architecture in the present.


    • Integration into the local ecosystem: using local materials and techniques and taking advantage of all the favourable conditions of climate and geography to achieve comfort in a natural way.
    • Saving energy.
    • Health and ecology of the place.
    • The sun: energy conservation and renewable use.
    • Using natural and breathable materials.
    • Recycling and rational water management.
    • Using natural insulating barriers.
    • Low economic and social costs.

All this will lead us to an environmental design that Costa Rican Architects understand well.

Costa Rica Green architectural design

The community is also a Green community and will leave as small of an environmental foot print as possible to enhance the overall dream of the Costa Rican government going Carbon Neutral by 2021.


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