Preliminary studies

The Property

At the begining of this phase, we request a down payment (amount depending of the scope of the project) to ensure that we are going to work together during the phases of preliminary studies and preliminary drafts, according to the CFIA (College of Engineers & Architects of C.R.) contract percentages. That is part of our professional fees that will be deducted from the building plans elaboration fee, which is 5.5% of the projected cost of the project.

a) Request the “Soil Use” Certificate from the Municipality, where the property is located.
By law, it is the Municipality that has the responsibility to ensure that all constructions comply with building regulations (Article 1, Construction Law), to make sure there are no restrictions placed on the lot that could result in the denial of a construction permit, also land movement permits issued by them.

We can move forward as soon as we have in our hands the latest version of the Certified Cadastral Property Plan issued by the National Registry, as well as a Registry Survey.

Usually the time frame to have this done -having the Plan in our hands- is about 3 weeks.

b) Contact information of your local attorney, to retrieve information and documents when the time for construction permits starts.
Especially in what “Corporation name” you would like to proceed, and also to check the status of the property with the National Registry, Municipal and Property Taxes and other legal items.

c) Topography
In most cases, have a topographer do the “contour lines” (elevation levels) and location of the existing trees. This will have a cost that usually is charged per square hectare by these professionals.

d) Soil test
In every case we need to perform several tests on the property, also percolation test for future drainages and soil details to design the foundations. The aforementioned will have to be quoted to know the exact estimate, and it depends on the project complexity.

e) Property Construction Setbacks
Depending on the location it will be required by the M.O.P.T. and I.N.V.U. (Government Institutions), to have the correspondent setbacks for building. Usually takes 3 to 4 weeks.

f) M.I.N.A.E.T

If required, to get a legal Protection Statement of springs, important rivers and existing trees or necessity of tree cutting permit.


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