Construction control and execution

Important: Utilities such as Electricity and Water must be ready to use on the site. This cost will be covered by the project owner.


Technical Inspections

The Control and Execution stage involves the actual construction and project supervision, following the construction process with the plans made, schedules, budgets, payments and the necessary administration to have the project running. There will be minimum one Technical inspection a week to coordinate anything related with the process of construction.

These inspections will be formally written in a Bitácora (authorized technical book issued by CFIA) which must be at the construction site at all times and in which the inspection will be registered.


Inspection includes:

  • Quality materials verification and the construction process in general.
  • Periodical reports on work advance.
  • Approval of materials and equipment to install, proposed by the contractor according to specifications. Payment control according to the building advance.
  • Determination of accomplishment of fixed construction schedules.
  • Justification and authorization of extra works and their afterward approval for their payment. Review and approval of invoices submitted by the contractor.
  • Reception of the building in company of the client.

Payments for the control and execution phase (5% of the overall construction cost) would be done in monthly amounts throughout the process of construction. By law it is the Municipality and the CFIA that have responsibility to ensure that all constructions comply with building regulations (Article 1, Construction Law). We can, therefore, expect periodic visits to your construction site by a municipal inspector, who must certify that the construction is proceeding according to all codes.


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