Enrique Chryssopoulos


Architect and Managing director of company Eco Dominical S.A. & its brand Costarican Architects

Professional qualifications:

  • Registered Architect – Architecture Degree from the University of Costa Rica and Central University
  • Member of Federated College of Engineers and Architects of Costa Rica (National College of Architectural Registration Boards)
  • Licensed Building Contractor
  • Registered Conciliator/Mediator for architectural and construction conflicts at the CRC (Resolution of Conflicts Center), member of the CFIA (College of Engineers and Architects of CR). Authorized from the National Administration of Conflicts Resolution of Costa Rica, Ministry of Justice and Peace.

Professional experiences:

  • 2001 –  present: Ecodesarrolladora Dominical S.A. (shorter name: “Eco Dominical S.A.”); Founder, Managing director and Architect
  • 1999 – 2001:  Arkitec International; Founder and Director
  • 1996 – 1999: Mercado de Bienes Raíces de Costa Rica S.A.; Residential Real Estate Advisor, Cendant Mobility Relocation Program for executives of transnational companies such as Microsoft, Intel, and Procter and Gamble, etc.

Other Achievements:

  • First LINEAS Congress.“Seduction of the Form”. Federated College of Engineers and Architects of Costa Rica
  • Construction. CITEC Colegio de Ingenieros Tecnólogos.
  • ACIC  Asociación de Ingenieros en Construcción. ICO-TEC  Escuela de Ingenieros en Construcción. TEC Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica.
  • Workshop “Integral Control Integral de Obras”
  • Colegio Federado de Ingenieros y Arquitectos.
  • IX Simposio sobre la Conservación del Patrimonio Construido.
  • “Ámbito Educativo y Legal”
  • ICOMOS de Costa Rica. Ministerio de Cultura, Juventud y Deportes.
  • Seminario “Arquitectura del Siglo XXI en América Latina”
  • Autocad 2D  &  Autocad 3D. Escuela de Arquitectura. Colegio San Agustín
  • Estudios en Inglés. Centro Cultural Costarricense Norteamericano.
  • MS. Office, Adobe PhotoShop, MS Photo Editor, CIOCAD Millennium

Company Facts:

  • Official/legal name: Eco Desarrolladora Dominical Consultora y Constructora S.A. (short name: Eco Dominical S.A.)
  • Corporation ID: 3-101-272410
  • Registered as: Consulting and Building company
  • Registered at CFIA (College of Engineers and Architects of CR): cc-04952
  • General Manager: arch. Enrique Chryssopoulos
  • Registered at CFIA (College of Engineers and Architects of CR): A-9784

Service Area:

Southern Pacific Coast Zone: “Costa Ballena”

Mission statement:

“Costarican Architects” is a company dedicated to the quality development of housing projects located in highly desired tourist and ecological environments within the Southern Pacific Zone region of Costa Rica. Our construction consultant services, compiled in close partnership associations with diverse prestigious companies within the construction building trade in Costa Rica, has accomplished noted quality and environmentally sound architectural solutions that are based on strong commitments and trust between allied builders and client/owners. This strong relationship provides the client with the best considerations for producing the best quality in creativity and engineering for the environment and the project.


Costarican Architects offers a wide spectrum of consultative services depending on your needs. Because of our allied relationships with varied construction trade firms, this allows us to offer services for diverse projects. This ability and flexibility to manage such projects while continually maintaining a high concept of quality, responsibility and comfort for the client, is what has always distinguished our work.


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